T-shirt Madness Silk Screen Printing

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1. What date do you need these completed?(Normal completion time frame two weeks)

2. What type of garments/items are you interested in(short sleeve/long sleeve t-shirts, hoodies, etc.) 

3.  How many total garments/items and what color would you like them to be ?


                                                                     (minimum order 12 garments)​
 4. How many and what colors are in your artwork? Please send art to info@t-shirtmadness.com                    

5.  What location/s do you want your artwork(full front, full back, logo over the heart, sleeve print, etc.)?                            

6.How many of each size of garments?                                        

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                                                    Any additional information just email us at info@t-shirtmadness.com